How to Make a Panel Door

A stiles panel door is a classic design that is made with several pieces that are perfectly aligned during the construction process. This allows for the exact adjustment of panel size, shape, and amount. Each component is attached to the other with dowel pins or glue. This provides a secure lock and seamless look without the use of wood filler.

Stile and rail doors are a classic style that works well in a variety of commercial projects. They can be made with as few as one panel or as many as three panels and can be customized to fit any contemporary style or company brand standards. A stile and rail door is suitable for any commercial design project, from offices to restaurants.


Rails for panel doors are commonly used to divide a door into two panels. A panel can be flat or raised, and is set into the door’s frame. Panel designs are customizable to match the design and style of your home. To create a panel door, you must cut the stiles and rails precisely.

There are several styles of stile and rail doors. One type is made of two separate pieces of wood called stiles. These hold individual panels and can also have glass panels called “lites.” This¬†4 panelled interior doors style of door has a high price tag and is often used in historic homes. These doors can feature solid wood or veneer wood with beautiful graining.

Infill panels

If you’re looking for a stylish and insulated alternative to glass, consider using an infill panel for your panel doors. These panels are made from aluminium and come in a wide range of colours and structures. They can also be milled and decorated with a wide range of applications. These panels can make a stunning entrance to your home, and can be as tall and wide as you require.

When selecting an infill panel for your panel doors, it’s important to choose the right one for the specific style and design of your home. Typically, the infill panel will represent a plain or glazing cladding or a combination of both.


Panel doors are made up of two main components, the peripheral frame and filling. The frame is typically made of solid wood, but some are made of other materials as well. The filling, which is usually honeycomb, provides stiffness and is also sound absorbing. The outer panels are finished in a variety of ways, including foil, veneering, embossing, and glazing. They may also feature an aluminium application.

Panel doors can also have sidelights, which provide sunlight to dark vestibules and optically widen the entranceway. In residential construction, these panels can make a building appear more spacious. However, sidelights are a potential security risk because they are an easy entry point for a burglar.