Best School Fundraiser Ideas

A bake sale is a good option if you want to increase your sales. Use clever packaging techniques such as cloth-lined trays or baskets to attract more buyers. Alternatively, consider renting puppies or hosting a board game tournament or flower workshop. Some schools even award a prize to the winning class.

Renting out puppies on campus

Despite the benefits of owning a puppy, not everyone can justify the financial outlay. This is where Puppies for Rent comes in. It allows prospective adopting families to meet and interact with a puppy before making the final decision to adopt. The program is also beneficial for students who don’t have a pet, but would love to spend some time with one.

Board game tournaments

Board game tournaments are a fun way to raise money for school programs. Students can sign up to compete for prizes, and it’s a great way to have a fun day for the entire school. These tournaments can be held during lunch break, recess, or even in the evenings.

Flower workshops

Organizing a flower workshop is an excellent way to raise funds for your school. You can hire volunteers and find a supplier in your community. Then, you’ll have to find a good price for your flowers and make sure to advertise your fundraiser well. If you can, try to advertise through your website, newsletters, or social media platforms.

Penny war

When you are planning a school fundraiser, one great idea is a penny war. This Best School Fundraiser simple game lets students collect change and compete to collect the most amount of pennies. To win, each team will get one point for each penny collected. The winning team receives a grand prize.


The Middle Eastern and Asian Student Union (MEASU) hosted a Spicy Ramen Challenge in May of 2022. This was their first event since COVID-19 broke the news cycle. The event was a fun and engaging event for the entire student body, with the goal of raising awareness about Middle Eastern and Asian causes. According to the MEASU Co-Officers, spreading awareness and fundraising are the two most impactful activities of the group. The MEASU prides itself on bringing attention to topics that are not normally covered by the mainstream media, like the Uighur genocide.