What species of fish may one find at Water Pateros?

The Columbia River around Brewster Pool is a hot spot for summer run salmon fishing from July 1st through August 31st. Most anglers run up the lake to Pateros and then head up river into Brewster Pool to fish for kings. The dam is a great place to fish as well for both hatchery and wild salmon, but anglers should use caution because the water temperature can rise and drop quickly in this area of the river. Trolling the rip rap or the debris barrier with a Super Baits packed with tuna fish behind Pro Troll flashers is a popular technique.

This is a very popular fishery, so expect to be sharing the water with other anglers. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, consider booking a trip with Moons Guide Service.

Sockeye fishing is excellent in Brewster pool brewster pool fishing report this year thanks to a healthy return from the Okanogan River. The sockeye stack up at the mouth of the lake and create a thermal barrier that makes for epic fishing. The fish are delicious as well, and this is a great family fishery that offers a nice mix of fun and fish for the table. Sockeye trips make a great combo trip with Kings when they’re running as well.

The Columbia River makes a northward bend solely into Washington and creates the Brewster area which is home to a fairly consistent sockeye fishery. The Lake Pateros region – also known as the Brewster Pool – is ground zero for this fishery which can be red hot in great years and canceled in poor years. It is a popular fishery, so it does get busy during the peak of the season.

The sockeye hang out in the old river channel from before the dam was built, but they will move up or down the lake depending on water temperature. They are also found near the Okanogan River mouth. It is a slow trolling fishery, but it is important to watch the depth finder because the water can shallow up quickly at this location. The ideal speed is.7 to 1.2 mph and a dodger with a pink or blue sockeye pattern is the way to go.

2023 looks like another awesome year for Upper Columbia summer chinook and sockeye returns. Moons Guide Service is offering both chinook and sockeye trips at Brewster. Contact us today to book your trip!