The Worst Pregnancy Advice You’ll Hear

Pregnancy advice consigli gravidanza is usually a matter of opinion, but it’s always good advice to be well-informed. This article¬†will explain some of the things you should know before making any major changes in your lifestyle or diet.

The worst and best pregnancy advice expectant women often hear from friends. According to a recent survey, eighty-three percent of expectant women doubt their health decisions made during pregnancy; according to another study, forty percent questioned the dietary choices they made throughout pregnancy. In fact, even after making a number of changes including switching what foods they eat (52 percent), how much family cleaning products they use (67 percent) and what kind of skin cream they wore (69 percent), nearly one in five still doubt their decision.

In addition, while many pregnant women choose to use prenatal vitamins, most will not if they’re taking medication or have allergies. Those that do take prenatal vitamins are usually the ones that were told by their doctor to take them for health reasons; if you take drugs or have an allergy, this advice is simply not worth listening to.

The worst pregnancy advice you can hear from other pregnant women is not to change your routine or stop smoking, drinking alcohol or caffeine. They say these are all bad habits, and that you need to stick with them if you are to keep your baby healthy. They also say that you need to drink enough water and stay away from any processed foods, junk food, or caffeine-based drinks, because they are just too harmful for your baby.

Unfortunately, many of these advice-seekers are often not pregnant women themselves, and thus don’t understand how difficult it is to adjust your schedule and habits. If they did, they’d probably quit smoking, drinking, and eating unhealthy, addictive foods altogether, if they wanted to keep their babies healthy. These advice-searchers may think they’re doing their own baby a favor by giving you the bad pregnancy advice you deserve.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to use a pill, diet, exercise, or surgery, or take natural remedies to help you achieve a healthy pregnancy. Just remember that when you get the bad pregnancy advice, always consider all the facts before making any decisions.

You’re the one who made the choice to be pregnant in the first place, so you should be the one getting bad pregnancy advice, not some stranger telling you what is right or wrong. If your doctor gives you any, always ask if they have any recommendations that could lead to healthier pregnancy, and ask if they’re willing to back you up with their own experiences with the same question.

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but it’s also a huge challenge. Don’t make your health problems harder on yourself or your baby, and try to find the best tips for staying healthy and happy during pregnancy.