The Emotional Manipulation – How to Avoid Its Power

Emotional manipulation is a kind of indirect, subtle, or even underhanded psychological technique which aims to alter the behavioral or emotional attitude of others through subtle, manipulative, or devious means. Usually done by manipulating the emotions of the victim, such manipulative techniques can also be considered devious and exploitative.

Most of the psychological manipulators of today have been trained in the covert persuasion techniques. These techniques were originally developed by Joseph T. Cullen, who was a member of the CIA during the early part of the last century. Cullen was trained in covert psychological operations and applied them in his job, most notably in the field of intelligence. As a covert agent, he was able to influence many individuals in the US government by using his psychological abilities, including President Roosevelt, Generalissimo Francisco Franco, and even the German ambassador to the US.

What exactly is psychological manipulation? Well, there are some basic characteristics that can define a psychological manipulation. It is done by influencing an individual or group of people by using one or more of his or her known or unknown skills. In the case of a successful manipulation, the person or group of people would willingly change their behavior. However, in the case of a failed manipulation, they would not voluntarily change anything.

There are various methods of emotional manipulation which include the power of suggestion. This means that you can subtly suggest to people what they should do or be. The most common example is when you tell a salesperson that he should make more sales in the next day because his current sales record is very good. But the person would not be able to do so because his conscience would still tell him that he should sell more. Another example would be when you give a man a list of things to do in order to impress your friend or family. But if he does the things you wanted, he will end up looking like a fool. Or perhaps you may say, “If you follow these instructions, you will have a great career.”

Another method of psychological manipulation is the use of subliminal messages. This means that when you talk to a person, the message is hidden. Only the person listening to the conversation can hear it, thus allowing the manipulator to persuade the person to do whatever he wants.

Emotional manipulation is very easy to succeed with, as long as you know how. You just have to be aware of your own limitations, weaknesses, and know how to control your emotions and reactions to certain situations. This is why it is necessary to seek professional help from a professional. They are experts in the field of emotional manipulation and will be able to advise you how to better understand what the different techniques of emotional manipulation are all about. They are also able to help you learn ways to avoid and manage the techniques to avoid falling into the trap of manipulation.