Sheldon Plumbing and Heating

Located in Spring Valley, Sheldon Plumbing and Heating offers a slew of plumbing and furnace services. They are happy to oblige all of your plumbing needs, from installing a toilet to putting the finishing touches on your kitchen. Their commitment to customer service is second to none. They have won numerous awards from the community including the Better Business Bureau award for excellence. The company has a staff of well over a dozen. They are proud of their reputation, and have been serving the community for nearly two decades. With the right plumbing service, you can be sure your home or business will be in good hands. Count on Sheldon Plumbing and Heating to make the process simple and stress-free. Besides, they only charge a mere $3 for their services. They have a staff of certified and licensed professionals to take care of you. So, if you are in need of plumbing, furnace or kitchen and bath services, call Sheldon Plumbing and Heating today! The team at Sheldon Plumbing and Heating will ensure your home or business is in tip top shape for years to come.

Located in Spring Valley, Sheldon Plumbing & Heating has been in business since 2001. Owner Phil Sheldon has a knack for the best customer service. The company does business by appointment only, and you’ll usually find the owner at the ready to talk plumbing with¬†sheldon plumbing and heating you. If you’re in the market for a plumber, take a look at their website and call a time out today. It’s also one of the few businesses in the area that is open to the public. Getting your hands on a qualified professional is a smart move, especially when it comes to plumbing. Luckily, you’ll find plenty of the good kind to choose from. This includes a bevy of well-trained plumbers, so your plumbing woes should be at bay in no time. Whether you’re looking to fix up your existing plumbing, replace an old agglomerate, or build a new one from scratch, you’ll find the best of the best in the area. This includes Sheldon Plumbing & Heating, as well as other fine companies. Make sure to contact one of the companies above for a free estimate.

Once a plumber has completed his or her apprenticeship, he or she can take the journeyman plumber’s licensing test. Those who pass will receive a journeyman’s license. After that, they must pass a state plumbing exam to obtain a master’s plumbing license. After the master’s license, a plumber can earn higher wages.