Sewer Line Repair Colorado – Why You Should Schedule a Drain Camera Inspection

Sewer lines are the unsung heroes of any plumbing system, responsible for removing wastewater from sinks and toilets and sending it away. But just like every other piece of your home’s infrastructure, sewer lines aren’t immune to damage and can break down over time.

When a pipe breaks, it can cause many problems for your home Sewer Line Repair Colorado and yard. The line can clog, back up toilets and drains, and even flood your backyard or driveway.

If you need to repair or replace your sewer line, you have several options to choose from. The first option is traditional trenching, which requires digging up the yard and installing a new pipe. The other option is trenchless sewer line repair, which is a more environmentally friendly and less costly method.

Trenchless sewer line repair involves a small access point where the plumber can insert an inflatable tube that’s covered in epoxy. Once the epoxy has cured, it’s pushed into the existing sewer line, repairing any leaks or cracks in the pipe.

The lining can be installed anywhere on the sewer line, but it’s most common for underground pipes. It can save you a lot of money and avoid the need to dig up your entire yard, as well as expensive landscaping or excavation costs.

It also allows for the insertion of cameras into the sewer line, so the plumber can better see the problem and recommend a solution.

A camera inspection can also help you decide whether to repair or replace your sewer line, or if your sewer line is still in good shape and doesn’t need any work.

Another option is to ask your insurance company if they offer additional coverage for sewer line damage. They may be able to include it in your homeowners’ insurance policy for an extra fee.

Keeping up with regular maintenance can reduce the chances of your sewer line needing repairs. This includes avoiding washing down anything that could cause a sewer line problem, like caustic liquids, grease, wet wipes and other household chemicals. It can also mean keeping trees and their roots away from the sewer line, and performing annual inspections.

If you’re considering a sewer line repair, make sure to schedule a drain camera inspection with a professional company that provides upfront pricing and skilled technicians. This will ensure that you’re getting a service that works for you.

You can also save money by avoiding plumbing services that charge for a sewer line inspection, or use fake footage to get your business. A professional sewer line camera inspection can save you thousands of dollars on future sewer line repairs or replacements.

The average cost of a sewer line replacement is about $5,000. However, the material of the pipe and the difficulty of accessing the line can affect the price.

Aside from replacing the sewer line, the project may include excavation, backfilling and landscaping. All of these expenses can add up quickly, so it’s important to prepare ahead of time and make any necessary arrangements.