Mask for Antminer Twin ASIC


Designed by illustrious 3D designer CRYPT0-J3SUS, the Antminer Dual ASIC Shroud is a revolutionary accessory that will bolster your miner’s profitability and efficiency. This essential accessory drastically reduces noise and directs heat away from the power supply, maximizing mining hashing capabilities. It also aides in temperature regulation, which prevents overheating, a common cause of hardware failure in Bitcoin miners.

Mounting screws for the PSU side are included, and can be used to fasten a 6’’ duct around the two fans. The duct connects to a power supply cooler (optional) to help pull air in tangent with the fans, avoiding issues with PSU fans competing with the exhaust fans for cooling. Made from durable PETG, this product is highly resistant to heat and moisture. It can be installed on your miner without any tools, and requires no assembly or modifications.

Designed to fit all the popular ASIC miners from ASICrising Antminer Dual ASIC Shroud, GmbH, Black Arrow, BitFury Group, Btc-Digger, BTCGARDEN, Bitmain Technologies LTD (Antminer), Clam Ltd, CoinTerra Inc, DigiBig, EVGA, Gridchip, KnCMiner Sweden AB, Bitmain USA LLC, and more!

NOTE: This shroud is meant to snap in place. The ‘riser’ for the power supply portion can be snapped in or glued. We have found that the stock fan screws provided with your miner are usually sufficient to install this shroud. If your miner has different screw spacing, you may need to purchase longer screws separately. This item is made to order and will be shipped out within 5-10 days of your payment being received.

As an added bonus, this upgrade also muffles fan sounds and directs airflow in a more efficient manner. As such, it can significantly reduce operating noise levels and improve your work environment. In addition, it can also reduce the strain placed on your fans and thereby extend their lifespan.