Latest News on Swine Flu Pandemic

The Latest News is not always the news that you want to hear. Some of it will be disturbing and others mundane, but it has to be something to make you stop and think about what is going on in your world at the moment. The recent pandemic outbreak in South America and the potential for the West African countries to have a major breakout in its disease outbreak has everyone worried. The President of South America, Mr. Antonio LeGenda, called up his European counterparts to assist him with the quarantining of the swine flu and called for an emergency meeting of the SCID (severe acute disease) committee. There has been mass panic and the airport in Cancun has been closed by security forces as they try to contain a possible pandemic.

Latest News

It is reported that there is an impending biological disaster in Mexico that will kill tens of thousands of people, mostly white Americans, and several thousand of Native Americans. The President of Mexico, Mr. Felipe Calderon, has issued an immediate evacuation order to all residents of Mexico City and several other cities. In San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, authorities have also instructed all residents to leave the city. These outbreaks of swine flu in the last several years has been caused by transmittable strains of a virus called H3N2 or swine flu. These strains have killed more than ten million people all over the globe, mainly in Asia and Africa, and now the contagion is spreading to Latin America.

Recently the deaths of thousands of white Americans has made the news, and the headlines have been screaming that this is one of the worst pandemic outbreaks in history. It seems that the dead bodies have not been cremated and are being placed in plastic containers on the morgue in New York and other cities. It is said that many of the victims died of suffocation, dehydration, and malnutrition due to the fact that their health was so poor that they simply did not have time to eat or drink. So now that the epidemic is rampant, the media is full of stories about death from the plague. This is causing many of the native cholera victims to migrate to the United States, as well as to other areas of Latin America, in search of medical care. Many of these victims are crossing into the United States via illegal border crossings.

While the media is trying to get the word out about this latest outbreak of swine flu, a lot of Americans are simply freaked out by it. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a pandemic alert, and has instructed all Americans over the age of 21 to be vigilant about a possible swine influenza outbreak. This has caused a huge increase in vaccination centers throughout the country. It is very important for everyone to ensure they receive the appropriate vaccination – and that they are in the vaccination centers when they need it.

Of course, this latest guidance from the WHO doesn’t mean that every state is going to have an epidemic. In fact, there are only two states currently reporting any new fatalities from swine flu: Illinois and New York. Both of these states have implemented a simple two-day leave in place of a 21-day period in between outbreaks. If a person is not at risk for a new case of the disease, then they can simply wait the two days without wearing a mask. This means that if an individual is wearing a mask, they will still be protected.

There is a great deal of misinformation being spread across the internet by people who are misinformed themselves. For every legitimate piece of health advice, like the one mentioned in the previous sentence, there is at least one useless piece of information to feed the curiosity of those who are looking for some facts. That’s why it is absolutely crucial for anyone to read up on everything they can about swine flu, before making decisions about their own health. There is also a lot of great information available about obtaining the appropriate vaccines. Go to one of the various health authorities’ websites and you should find a list of valuable resources that will help you figure out how to get your flu shots.