How to Embed Activity Map in Your Website

ActivityMap provides real-time, contextual insights into the performance of individual page elements. This data can help businesses optimize content, reduce friction on the way to conversion and increase engagement for a variety of audiences. It also offers powerful segmentation capabilities, which enable business users to quickly identify and address issues affecting their digital properties.

Using Adobe Analytics’ Activity Map feature, users can overlay visual representations of traffic, engagement and conversion metrics on their websites or digital properties. This allows users to easily see how each page element is performing, and to understand which areas are underperforming in order to make improvements.

The Activity Map Things to do in Toronto capability in Adobe Analytics enables analysts and business users to view traffic, engagement and success metrics for page elements like buttons, banners and advertisements. This enables marketers and business users to gain actionable insights to improve their digital properties and deliver better experiences for visitors, regardless of device, channel or location.

Use the Activity Map tool to monitor website behavior, identify and resolve performance problems, and track ad campaigns to increase engagement. This feature is a powerful part of the Adobe Analytics dashboard and is accessible from any page in your account.


Activity Map is a link tracking solution that comes bundled with the Adobe Experience Cloud. It automatically tracks the majority of links on your website without requiring any additional development or code. It is based on the same set of criteria used by most web browsers to determine whether or not a click is being tracked by link tracking. This means that all of the most common web attributes are applied to links and buttons.

In addition, all of the link tracking data for Activity Map is passed through an Analytics network request that is fired off as users navigate around your website. Using the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger browser extension, you can view the contents of this network request to ensure that Activity Map is passing link tracking data through the Adobe Analytics system.

The Threat Activity Map widget uses a simulated global network to display the locations of suspicious activities around the world, with nodes on the map changing size based on proximity to the locations where activity is occurring. The nodes are randomized within a 500 foot radius to provide the most accurate data possible.

Embedding Activity Map in your website is simple and straightforward, just download the plugin from Adobe’s developer store and install it on your site. The plugin works in Chrome on desktops and tablets, and it can be used to view link tracking data across your website (including quantitate ranking).

A key benefit of Activity Map is that it is an ‘out of the box’ solution that comes bundled with Adobe Analytics. This means that once you have activated it, you don’t need to worry about any extra code or ongoing maintenance, but instead can focus on analysing data and driving action.

To find out whether or not Activity Map is passing link tracking data through your website, use the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger browser extension for Google Chrome on desktops and tablets. The plugin offers a range of useful tools to debug and test Adobe Analytics network requests as you browse your website.