How much are singing waiters?

Singing waiters are an incredible way to entertain and surprise your guests at a wedding. They are masters of disguise, seamlessly blending in with the venue’s staff until they decide to break into song, which creates a magical moment that your guests will remember forever. The reactions to these performances are priceless, and will be captured by your photographer and videographer, adding a wonderful element of joy to your wedding memories.

Initially inspired by the “flash mob” phenomenon, the concept of hidden talent and surprise live performances gained traction, creating moments of delight in public spaces. This concept then shifted to private events, and as brides and grooms sought out unique and personalised entertainment options, singing waiters emerged as a great way to enchant their guests.

Aside from a few headline-grabbing scandals in 2016, the staff at Ellen’s Stardust Diner near Times Square still belt out show tunes between serving Love Me Tenders and refilling water glasses. But despite the kitschy diner’s chrome-clad warmth, it’s an unforgiving environment for new servers. It’s not uncommon for some to fail the training program, unable to keep up with the pace of vocal warm-ups between orders and recalling how guests like their Be-Bop-a-Lula burgers cooked.

In the beginning, new servers are asked to audition by singing songs of their choosing (or selected from a long list provided by management), and then stand in front of a roomful of customers while they’re observed, their interaction with guests evaluated. If they’re not chosen, a more traditional service job interview is conducted before they’re sent on their way to begin their training.

After completing a five-day course of instruction and shadowing, new servers are expected to start performing on Day 3. It’s a difficult task; some singers aren’t ready for the transition from belting out show tunes to serving plates of Be-Bop-a-Lulas. But for those who make the cut, it’s a rewarding opportunity to share their gift with unsuspecting guests.

Singing waiters are a fantastic way to get your guests dancing and create a memorable experience for everyone at your wedding. Many of these talented actors are professional opera singers and West End performers so they have an incredible voice that can be heard clearly across the table. They perform a short set of 20 minutes and can be joined by a musician or pianist to enhance the performance even more.

Whether your wedding is in an elegant ballroom or rustic countryside setting, these highly trained professionals will blend in seamlessly with the venue’s staff until they are ready to break into song, creating a magical moment that will leave your guests speechless. Seeing their stunned reactions will be captured by your photographer and videographer, giving you an extra special way to remember your day for years to come.