Garage Door Styles

Garage door

A garage door is simply a large heavy door in a garage which normally opens manually or by some electrical motor. Garage doors are often large enough to comfortably accommodate cars and other large vehicles as well. Smaller garage doors can be constructed from a single panel that tilts back and up over the entire garage ceiling. This type of door can also be opened electronically if desired.

You can build your garage door in one of two ways; either with foam insulation or insulated panels. It is very important to buy the right kind of insulation, as not all foams are equal. A very poor quality foam will actually melt when it comes in contact with moisture, which means you will have a very leaky garage door, leading to expensive repairs and replacements. An expensive failure of a garage door could mean closing it for several months until the problem can be dealt with.

The most popular insulation for garage doors is rigid core or flexibration insulation, which is relatively cheap and easy to install. Rigid core garage door insulation is available in both rolls and panels. Both kinds of insulating material will reduce the heat loss through your garage door, which should improve curb appeal. However, flexibration core will leave a bigger imprint of yourself on your garage floor, which can look unsightly depending on the situation.

If you have an older home, then insulated doors might not be a good idea, as many older homes were built before standard insulation was available. Even so, new garage doors are now available in insulated panels which offer the same benefits as rigid core insulated doors but are less noticeable to most people. Insulated panels are just as good as their rigid counterparts, but they are more aesthetically appealing. In addition, insulated doors keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This means you save money on your heating bills.

Some garage door companies offer insulated and non-insulated doors. If you’re concerned about energy costs, you may want to choose a panel carriage style garage door. Panel carriage doors are the least expensive of all styles. They consist of a glass panel that projects out of the exterior of the doorway. These doors can be viewed from the inside, when you’re coming in or going out, providing you with the same benefits as a full-view door.

Another common type of garage door styles is flat-panel door panels. These panels are made up of individual slabs that roll horizontally, rather than vertically as traditional panels. Slab doors provide more privacy than traditional panel carriage doors, but they cost more and take up more space. Panels are commonly used on houses with lots of traffic, since they require little cleaning. This style is also more attractive than many other options.