Freedom Factory Managing Director

Freedom Factory Managing Director

Freedom Factory is an online multi-level business that promises a “productive lifestyle for a profit”. The Freedom Factory managing director, Robert Atkins, has a long history in the multi-level marketing industry. Robert Atkins is also a certified consultant that has over 23 years of experience working in the health and wellness industry. Many people are impressed with the income opportunity that the Freedom Factory offers.

The concept behind this business opportunity is to create a downline of distributors who will form a “rocult” of people in the network. The distributor becomes the middleman between the customer and the manufacturer. They also act as a kind of go between for the company and the customer. There is no face to face interaction between the customer and the company. This creates an open forum for people to share their ideas and passions.

There are many aspects of this business opportunity that makes it so unique. For starters, there is direct manufacturing. With direct manufacturing, the company manufactures its own products and ships them out to the sales group for a fee. The products go through quality control, packaging, and labeling. Then, it is shipped to the distributors who are the brick and mortar companies that sell the product to the end users.

The freedom also comes with marketing. The Freedom Factory has a system called “TM”, which is basically a term for multi-level marketing. The Freedom Factory touts many of its distributors as direct reps for the company, which means that they are marketing to people who are already interested and have signed up with the Freedom Factory.

The Freedom Factory has another program called “Compass”. This is a special tracking system that the company uses to see where all of the distributors are at with the products that they are selling. It is essentially a numbers game. The more distributors that sell a product, the lower the price goes. In many ways, the Compass system makes it possible for the company to lower prices in order to make more profit.

As you can see, there are many similarities between the freedom factory and the retailing world. Many entrepreneurs are looking for a way to break into the retailing business, and they have found it in the Freedom Factory. Now all they need to do is figure out how to duplicate their success. There are many books and online courses that help an individual to learn how to do this.