Dementia Care in Sydney

If you or a loved one has Alzheimer’s disease, there are many options available in Sydney. A number of programs offer support for both family and carers. The program began with carer considerations, which include how to communicate and organise one’s day. It also teaches the carer where to apply for help. The program also covers nursing care, managing incontinence, and end-of-life care.

Arts on Prescription

Arts on Prescription for dementia care in Sydney has a model of activities that are specifically designed for older people with cognitive decline. Drawing on successful programmes in the UK, Arts on Prescription was launched in two sites in Sydney, Hammondville in the south-west and Wahroonga in the north. Community members 65 and over were invited to participate in short-term arts programs, which were delivered by professional artists. The programs were designed to foster well-being and health. The programs focused on specific issues, including social isolation, frailty, and recent bereavement.

Dr Martin Kennedy

Dr Martin Kennedy is a staff palliative medicine specialist with Hammond Care. He holds appointments with Sydney, NSW and Macquarie University. He has over 25 years of experience in specialist subacute medical care. During his career, he has worked in private and public hospitals and rehabilitation units. He has a passion for compassionate care and team based subacute care. He is an advocate of quality, comprehensive services for patients and their families.

Professor Meera Agar

A/Prof Agar has an extensive background in palliative care, with a special¬†Group Homes Australia interest in the needs of people with advanced illness, as well as developing innovative models for symptom management. She is a senior palliative care physician and the research lead for the South West Sydney Local Health District’s Palliative Service. Her research focuses on improving health service delivery and patient care.

Associate Professor Josephine Clayton

Associate Professor Josephine Clayton is a physician who is a specialist in dementia and palliative care, with a particular interest in the supportive care needs of people with advanced illnesses of the brain. She oversees the clinical research portfolio at UTS, which includes health service evaluation and clinical trials. Her areas of expertise include dementia, advanced cancer, and delirium in patients with primary brain tumours.

Mark Buhagiar

With his passion for delivering a high quality service, physiotherapist Mark Buhagiar, founder of Dementia Care Sydney, has set the standard for dementia care in Sydney. He has been active in research and education related to this condition. His patients benefit from his knowledge and experience, which are shared by his peers. Here are some of the benefits of using physiotherapy for dementia care in Sydney.

Associate Professor Friedbert Kohler

As Associate Professor of Age and Ageing at the University of Sydney, I have worked on many projects to improve the care of those with dementia. These have included engaging clinicians and reviewing activity-based funding. I have also helped to develop new models of care in aged care. I have a passion for developing capacity within the health system and working on projects to connect the many different types of aged care services in Australia.