Bus-Dealer Small-Business

A bus-dealer small-business is one that offers buses for sale. A dealership usually has professional mechanics on staff, and they can provide maintenance, legal paperwork, and sales. While buying a bus for sale, a dealership can make the process much smoother. When buying a bus for sale, consider how durable the bus is. You may have to make repairs to it, but the bus you choose should be resilient.

Harlow’s School Bus Service

Harlow’s School Bus Service focuses on delivering long-term results and short-term strategies for its customers. Customers can expect promptness, accuracy, and reliability from the company’s employees, as they are always professional, courteous, and willing to help. Employees at Harlow’s are committed to the customer’s best interests and are dedicated to advocacy. It is also a member of the Better Business Bureau, so it is easy to do business with them.

Founded in 1975, Harlow’s School Bus Service operates¬†The Bus Centre in five states. The company’s leadership has been in the busing industry for 20 years. They have presided over the Idaho Association of Pupil Transportation for seven years and are active members of the National School Transportation Association. They also work with school officials to improve student management and protect student privacy. Harlow’s School Bus Service’s technology features a bus bulletin system that sends instant messages for various reasons, such as traffic alerts, late buses, and mechanical issues. The system also lets parents and school officials receive these messages through their cell phones. This service is available to them at no additional cost to the parents.

Harlow’s Truck and Bus Sales

With headquarters in Bismarck, ND, Harlow’s Truck and Bus Sales has locations throughout North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and Washington. The company’s services range from sales of buses and vans to school bus conversions. In addition, the company provides rental services and accepts trade-ins. For more information about the company, visit their website.

Bird Bus Sales

For school-bus fleets, Blue Bird buses are a great choice. Designed to handle tight routes and densely populated areas, Blue Bird buses are reliable and efficient. They come with features that make maintenance and repair a breeze. Their enhanced front service door makes it easy to access the engine without the use of special tools. They also offer a full range of options for their All American FE.

Blue Bird began diversifying its product line in the 1970s, and entered the transit bus market in 1976. Its first rear-engine bus, the City Bird, was designed for small mass transit routes. The company now sells both school buses and charter buses. It also offers buses for private parties and corporate functions. Despite the company’s relatively small size, Blue Bird’s reputation for quality is second to none.

Bird Bus Service

Bird Bus Sales & Service has a long history in Connecticut, where it was founded in 1931. The company has recently expanded to Elmsford, and recently purchased a building with 6900 square feet. The company is also located in another location at 1 Warehouse Ln. in Elmsford. The company currently serves the community of Elmsford and the surrounding area. It sells used and new buses.

Founded in 1932 by Albert Luce Sr., the company is one of the most popular small-business bus-dealers in the Southeast. It began as a small side-project for Albert Luce Sr., who owned a Ford dealership in Perry, Georgia. In 1934, Albert Luce Sr. began manufacturing purpose-built school buses, turning a wagon into a bus. The Blue Bird name originated from the schoolchildren’s warm welcome of his yellow and blue demonstrator unit. The company is now a publicly-owned company with Cerberus Capital Management holding a majority share.