Austin’s Finest DJ Services: Elevating Your Event to Perfection

When it comes to a wedding, the music will make or break the entire night. And, no one can do it better than a professional DJ. The best ones are not just skilled in playing any genre or generation of music, but they know how to weave them together in a seamless blend that keeps everyone dancing all night long! Whether you want a classic mix or something more modern, there’s an Austin DJ to meet your needs.

With over ten years of experience in and out of nightclubs, Ross Phillips with Look No Further Entertainment is an expert in the art of making weddings come to life. He and his team work with brides and grooms to create a completely customizable playlist from pre-ceremony tunes to grand exit fanfare. Plus, he’ll even take your special song requests to make the evening truly memorable.

A flawless mixer, Mel blends divergent styles to accentuate their similarities, seamlessly seguing A Tribe Called Quest into Black Sabbath or overlaying a 50 Cent a cappella track over a Nine Inch Nails instrumental. While he spends his nights and weekends spinning at venues throughout town, the Killeen native also leads the production crew for KAZI’s hip-hop show.

From the ’70s through the ’90s, morning radio regular Dave Jarrott was king of local rock radio in Austin. Now, he spends his spare time volunteering for nonprofit organizations and organizing fundraisers to benefit local schools, hospitals, and families in need.

In a city notorious for its skewed perception of diversity, he finds hope in the fact that people who come to his shows seem to appreciate the nuances and subtleties of house music. The queer Mexican mom who DJs as Sum of M isn’t interested in spouting political rhetoric, but she keeps her fans updated on her Twitch stream and recommends songs for parties she doesn’t host.

Q’s struggle for affirmation within the dance sphere is symbolic of Austin’s struggle to accept its most marginalized nightlife tribes. The emo DJ’s assimilation to the city was fraught with challenges, but she found community and sustenance in the music she loves so much.

After evolving the stage persona of Y2K for eight years, Turito Moreno craved a rebrand. In March, the three-time Austin Music Award nominee took to the stage as a new character named Turito, a name that reflects their heritage and the year of birth of one of their idols. The former 21st Street Co-op booker and founder of the Cyber Queen music showcase now heads up the statewide TX Emo Club, while also planning a trio of upcoming EPs.