Ace Roofing and Building Ltd

Whether your roof needs repair or replacement, we’ll provide the right solution and install it to the highest standard. Our roofing Ace Roofing and Building Ltd specialists are trained and qualified to install metal and shingle roofs on residential and commercial properties. We also offer comprehensive exterior services including windows, doors and gutters that won’t clog. We have a wide range of materials and colors to choose from so you can match your existing or new home.

We’re a full-service general contractor that provides a variety of interior and exterior remodeling services. Our team will inspect your roof, siding and window systems to determine the extent of damage or wear. We’ll then provide you with a detailed written proposal and manage the project professionally to ensure it’s done correctly and within your budget.

Ben was very helpful and honest from start to finish, he spent a good hour working out the best way to fix my problem of a leaking roof, nothing has leaked through since his work, he was punctual and polite and made every effort to keep the cost down for me which was appreciated, would definitely recommend him.

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Roofing is one of the most important investments you can make for your home, and it’s critical to select the right roofing company. Our customers have chosen us for their roof projects because of our dedication to quality and the results we deliver. We’re also proud of the fact that Owens Corning, the industry’s leading shingle manufacturer, has awarded us with several top-level executive roofing projects. We’re pleased to offer a warranty on every job we perform that’s backed by the manufacturers. We’re a local, family owned and operated roofing company.