A Wide Range of Coffee Beans Hong Kong

The history of coffee beans Hong Kong dates back to over 3000 years. During the time of the Moghuls, the Arab and the Indian peoples introduced arabica seeds into Arabia. When these beans were discovered, it was used by all of them for its caffeine content which gave it a different taste than what we are familiar with. So in many countries around the world, there are many variations of coffee beans that are used for various purposes. In some countries like in India, coffee beans are used as a delicacy while in many other countries like the USA, they are grown mainly for the quantity of cashback that the farmers get after selling their products to the customers.

Coffee Beans Hong Kong

The variety of coffee beans is the single origin of all the variation in their flavor and color. From this single origin, coffee has evolved into so many varieties that it is almost too difficult to name all of them. However, most people can pretty much describe the taste of coffee beans based on the type of berries that they are made of and the quality of the processing that has gone into producing them. From this variety of variations, it is possible to identify almost all coffee beans based on the caffeine content. The caffeine content in coffee beans varies greatly depending on where the coffee bean was grown and how it was processed. Below are some of the common varieties of coffee based on the content of caffeine in them:

Arabica: This coffee bean is named as such because it contains more caffeine than any other single origin variety. This is the coffee bean that is most popularly grown in the different regions of the world. This is also the bean that has the smallest region where it is cultivated. The taste of Arabica coffee is bold and dark and it is a bit oily too. It is highly prized in the cuisines of Central America and the Caribbean because of its richness in caffeine.

Columbian: This is the single origin bean from Columbia which is the result of cross-pollination between Columbian and Brazilian strains. The taste of this coffee is very mild with a slight grassy taste and a medium acidity level. Due to its popularity, it comes in many different varieties. However, it has been said that most coffee drinkers in the different regions prefer to have the Columbian coffee in their daily drinks.

Mocha: This is another type of coffee that is produced in the single varieties of coffee from different parts of the world. The process of making this coffee involves treating the beans with different flavors of essence to give it a different taste. Many people in the coffee industry state that this coffee has a very strong aroma that some find very satisfying. However, it is best when roasted on its own to bring out its natural taste. Another important factor about Mocha coffee is that the roasting temperature is very important as it could determine the intensity of the taste of the beans.

Cupper: In recent years, there has been a new type of coffee beans that has emerged in the market – the Cupper. As the name suggests, this type of coffee beans are handpicked, washed, sorted and then roasted at a certain temperature. As compared to the other coffee beans, such as Jamaican Blue Mountain, this roast produces a slightly bitter taste, hence it is mostly used for espresso coffee. Cupper is widely used in Hong Kong. There are many people who claim that Cupper coffee beans have a very distinctive taste and are very expensive.