San Jose Environmental Testing

Benchmark Environmental Services offers comprehensive environmental testing, consultation, and monitoring services to home owners, businesses, industries, real estate professionals, government agencies and insurance companies throughout the United States and in California. Our offices are located in San Jose, California. Our experienced staff is available to work with you on a variety of projects to protect …

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Why Choose Kitchen Tiles?

Kitchen tiles have come a long way from being simple slabs of glazed stone that were used as kitchen flooring. In fact, these days they can be used on walls and countertops as well as floors. Kitchen tiles come in various types, colors, and designs. But if you’re remodeling your kitchen and are planning on …

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Architectural Lighting Design for Residential

Architectural lighting is a specialized area of architectural study or work which is mainly concerned with the design and implementation of illumination systems within the building environment, both exterior and interior. It may encompass the design and manipulation of either electric or daylight lighting or both, for the purpose of illuminating buildings and landscapes. Other …

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